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T products developed semi auto packing solution for light semiconductor products.

Manufacturing technology and it will be innovative to build a win-win relationship with customers directly through joint development projects.In order to the company long-term development, meet the needs of the new packing technological progress in the field of semiconductor, through in a timely manner to provide customers need products and services, according to the price of moderate, selected in the best position, to establish a solid foundation.

For example, Iowa company equipment portfolio includes the recent use of led manufacturing technology in indoor lighting, television, automotive applications, flat panel display backlight equipment, etc.

The TOWA Corporation of European, founded in 1979, to a lot of European customers, and its latest research and development of the forming and compression molding technology has been ahead of the semiconductor packaging and led manufacturing.

Calloy Europe offers after-sales service and possible spare parts for European companies, supplying towa manufacturing systems in European customer packaging / product development centers and European research institutions, occupying the leading role of European companies in developing new products, Development center, the use of new technology developed by the Japanese calloy company in Europe introduced three new ultra-precision technology, such as cbn end mills, micro-processing and bancera coating, in order to solve the micro-processing areas of ultra-precision products growth needs. To the industry to pursue the “technology development” as the fundamental, through the negotiations when the first step of the concept, aimed at “innovative technology and innovative products,” the goal, bold challenge, go all out to contribute to the development of the industry.

As a proud world-renowned “production” business – the company will invest more enthusiasm to create the world’s most cutting-edge solutions to “the pursuit of the ultimate CS (Customer Satisfaction) to meet customer needs.” “The pursuit of technological upgrading to never end” is the eternal theme of Calloy company, since its inception, whether it is the development of new products, the achievements of production technology innovation, and customers to develop a win-win situation, or set up a service based around the world, the company Business activities, always to the business philosophy-based, thus creating a stable basis for technological progress in the semiconductor, to “the appropriate price will be required to provide the necessary products and services to the necessary places.”

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The light effect is also around 60. So from this point of view, compared with energy-saving lamps, LED lamps of the same wattage have similar luminous flux. However, since the LED light is a projection type light, similar to a flashlight, and the energy-saving light is radiated to the surroundings, the value of the illuminance under the led light will be higher