Automatic winding machine

Automatic Coiling Machine FCL-V1000

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Automatic winding and bundling packaging machine is used for rewinding and packaging of large pipes. It is a new type of packaging solution that improves the degree of automation. Works perfectly with your extrusion line.

What are the advantages of using a variable speed reducer on a dual station winder?

Variable frequency motors can work for a long time under severely higher or lower power frequency conditions without damage, and the cooling system and speed of ordinary motors are closely related. The speed of the motor is fast, and the cooling system works well. Slow, the cooling effect will be greatly reduced, and the frequency conversion motor does not have this problem.

The reducer saves space, is reliable and durable, has a high overload capacity, and the power can reach more than 95KW; low energy consumption, superior performance, and the efficiency of the reducer is as high as 95% or more; small vibration, low noise, high energy saving, high-quality section steel materials, steel The surface of the gear is highly heat-treated; the precision machining ensures the positioning accuracy of the double-disc winder, all of which constitute the gear reduction motor of the gear transmission assembly; the maintenance is convenient, the cost is low, and the technology is mature.

The reducer adopting the integrated motor and reducer can reduce the installation space, improve efficiency and save design workload.