Full automatic PPR / PVC pipe bagging wrapping line


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Pipe automatic wrapping line through different materials, packaging layer can eliminate most of the air, dust and moisture. By selecting suitable packaging materials, the packaging can reduce corrosion, water stains, dust and rust. It protects the coil surface during storage and transportation

Development and application of automatic packaging line

With the rapid increase of economic and social development demand, in order to solve the problem of recruitment difficulties and reduce the cost of workers, automatic packaging line is introduced by many industries producing products. Automatic packaging line is widely used in pipe, metal, food, beverage, rubber products and other industries. Its automation is becoming more and more intelligent, convenient and other performance to the industry development with considerable benefits welcomed by some industries.

With the continuous development of automation technology, the rapid development of economy, the continuous progress of society, the gradual improvement of material living standards, the emergence of many new automatic packaging lines, the emergence of various kinds of goods packaging industry one after another, which may be a very good phenomenon of automation development, but in today’s society, there will be various problems for enterprises, such as It is really difficult for manufacturers to choose the packaging line with multiple types and different functions.

The new technology has been improving, the packaging line is more and more automatic, the food enterprises use the automatic packaging line to complete the packaging products, not only to improve the production efficiency, but also to make the requirements of food safety guards more in line with the national regulations, so that the production efficiency of the food industry has improved the quality. In recent years, the application scope of automatic assembly line has expanded from food industry to beverage, tire, metal, steel, plate, pipe and many other industries. With the development of automation technology, the application scope of automatic packaging line will continue to expand, bringing better benefits to the production industry