Automatic steel wire wrapping and binding line

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The winding and binding line has high efficiency, safe and convenient operation, and can be fully automated when connected to your production line.

It can play an important role in the production and packaging of your products.

Can long-term, a lot of saving packaging and labor on the economic expenditure, and packaging neat and beautiful.

How to repair the equipment of packaging line

Today, with the rapid development of society, the automatic packaging assembly line equipment has brought us huge economic benefits, but with the long-term use of the equipment, it will inevitably bring certain wear and tear. How to repair the packaging assembly line equipment is as follows:

According to the commonly used repair technology in the maintenance work of the automatic packaging assembly line, it can be roughly divided into mechanical repair method, welding repair method, electroplating repair method, spraying repair method and bonding repair method according to the adopted technology. The following factors should be taken into consideration in the specific selection

1. If the repaired parts are to be preheated or the temperature is high during the repair process, the parts will be annealed, the quenched structure will be damaged, and the thermal deformation will increase. Therefore, after the repair, the parts with requirements for accuracy shall be processed, shaped, heat treated, etc., so the deformation shall be considered during the repair.

2. The strength of the repaired parts is different from that of the repaired layer in general conditions. Therefore, the strength of the repaired layer, the bonding strength between the repaired layer and the parts, and the strength change after the repair of the parts are important indicators of the repair quality.

3. The adaptability of repair process to parts’ materials. In the existing repair process, some materials are suitable for repair, some are destructive to parts, and various processes have great limitations on the adaptability of materials, so it is necessary to select the right materials.

4. The repair degree that can be achieved by various repair processes should be selected according to the wear degree of parts, and the thickness of repair layer that can be achieved by different processes is different.

5. Impact of repair process on physical properties of parts, such as hardness, processability, wear resistance and compactness. High hardness, difficult to process; low hardness, fast wear; uneven hardness, the processing surface is not smooth. The wear resistance of the friction surface is not only related to the surface hardness, but also to the metallographic structure, the bonding condition and the ability of the surface to absorb lubricating oil. For parts that may leak liquid or gas after repair, the compactness of repair is required, and sand holes, air holes, cracks, etc. shall not be produced. Therefore, the physical properties of repair layer must be considered when selecting repair process.

6. The influence of different parts structure on process selection is huge. When repairing threaded holes and repairing holes with inlay method, the thickness of repair layer is tweezers and the metal of parts is covered by submerged arc welding, bonded and mended with iron plating, manual arc stack bait, vibration electric fox welding, brazed and spray chromium plating.

7. The most important thing we care about when we do any process is the economy of repair. According to the comprehensive analysis of repair cost, repair cycle, service cycle after repair, service performance and other aspects of different repair methods, we should repair the parts and compare them with the replacement parts to make them economical and reasonable.

There are many kinds of repair methods for parts of automatic packaging assembly line equipment. Each repair method has its own advantages and limitations. The above factors are reasonable, but some are contradictory. It is necessary to make a comprehensive analysis and comparison from three aspects of economy, quantity and time in combination with the actual conditions of the unit, and strive to make the process reasonable, economical and feasible in production when selecting the process. So that the repair layer and the matrix are firmly combined, so that the repair process has the least adverse effect on the matrix metal, so that the repaired parts can obtain excellent performance, and finally the repair work can obtain good economic benefits.