Aluminum alloy profile packaging line

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Fhope design and production of automatic aluminum profile packaging line, aluminum winding packaging line, industrial aluminum packaging line is specially designed for aluminum, steel, copper, plastic pipe and other packaging. The equipment is deeply satisfied by the market and customers. The equipment is efficient and energy-saving, saves manpower and material resources, and can create high efficiency.

We provide many kinds of packing line for aluminum packaging machine, such as aluminum banding machine, wood feeder, three side covering machine, etc. We can make semi-automatic or fully automatic packaging line for you.

Can be applied to: aluminum profile packaging, industrial aluminum packaging, aluminum tube packaging, aluminum bundle aluminum bar packaging and so on.

How to deal with the water in the aluminum packaging

For the aluminum plate with high surface requirements, if the packaging water is not treated, it will lead to surface oxidation and white spots, which seriously affects the surface quality of the aluminum plate. Therefore, if the packaging water is not treated, it must be treated in time. Next, Foshan aluminum plate wholesale will introduce the treatment method of water inflow in aluminum plate packaging.

First of all, open the aluminum plate packaging, wipe the water with a clean cloth, if it is the aluminum plate with high surface requirements, pay attention to the oil stain during the wiping process.

Secondly, ventilate and dry the water to ensure that there is no water stain on the surface of the aluminum plate.

Later, when packaging, paper is separated between the aluminum plate surface and the plate surface, and the aluminum plate surface which is not completely dried is adsorbed by the water absorption capacity of the paper.

For aluminum plate, moisture-proof is an important aspect of storage. Although the packaging of aluminum plate will be made of waterproof plastic cloth and moisture-proof agent inside, if there is rain during transportation, the water in the packaging needs to be treated as soon as possible.