Vertical ring winding packaging machine

FHOPE fps series winding machine is mainly used for packaging solutions of wire rope and copper coil.

It is an efficient coil shape packaging equipment, which is a good packaging scheme to save labor, material cost and product protection.

Attention should be paid to the development of winding packaging machine

Winding packaging machine enterprises want to develop need to pay attention to many aspects of efforts, especially the production-oriented enterprises should pay more attention. As a professional packaging machine manufacturer, Fhope is also constantly focusing on the long-term development path. The following according to Fhope to understand the situation to share with you the winding packaging machine development direction.

1. In order to develop in the long run, brand is the key. Only when we create our own brand can we develop our own way. Foreign well-known packaging equipment manufacturers rely on product quality, price and other aspects to support the long-term reputation of enterprises. China’s packaging equipment needs to develop brand products with characteristics. We must take a path of development with Chinese characteristics to meet the needs of the domestic market and create brand products that meet the needs of all users.

2. Develop new automation equipment. Enterprises want to only rely on capital investment, expanding the scope of production has not been able to meet the needs of the current development. Guided by the market, we have eliminated some low efficiency, high consumption, low-grade products, high efficiency and low consumption, large complete sets of equipment and high-tech products. We need to make more progress in technology, so that the product technology can be greatly improved.

Continuously improve the technical level of products

The research of high efficient and compact automatic winding machine requires technicians to have systematic planning practice and knowledge, and constantly improve.


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