Tire winding packaging machine

FHOPE tire winding and packaging machine, also known as vertical ring winding and packaging machine, is applied to: tire, rubber hose, floor heating pipe, water supply pipe, cable, steel coil, steel strip and other ring products

轮胎包装机 FPT-300

Working principle of tire winding packaging machine

The working principle of the tire winding packaging machine is to use the stretched film or wrapping paper as the packaging material for the copper ring and various circular articles, swing the goods back and forth in the hole in the center of the articles through the mechanical arm, and wind the goods along its curved surface for individual packaging. The speed of this kind of wrapping machine is much faster than that of manual wrapping. It has completely replaced manual wrapping and greatly improved the efficiency of packaging production.

The outer diameter, inner diameter and width of the goods need to be input on the touch-screen human-machine interface of the tyre winding packaging machine. The microcomputer system can automatically set the length and turns of the winding packaging. Tire winding packaging machine can adjust the overlapping degree of winding film according to the packaging requirements, and adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, which can have labels on the articles, making the packaging more solid. It is worth mentioning that tire winding packaging machine can also print the company’s brand logo, with strong specificity, to prevent the emergence of fake and inferior products.

As long as we know the inner diameter, outer diameter, thickness, weight, packaging materials and other elements of the tire, we can use it for packaging. The tyre winding packaging machine can also pack the products such as ring steel wire and steel strip. Tire winding packaging machine can carry goods up and down manually or in the form of automatic transportation by winding machine. As long as the winding machine is customized as automatic film breaking, it can complete the transportation of general matching automatic winding packaging.