door wrapping machine

horizontal orbital stretch wrapper (2)

The doors of Wrap Group in French are opened for clients from French and European to visite the Lyon Europack Expo during November 19th to 21st.
The facilities of the group
Guests can not only visit the French facilities of the Group within the three days, but also can learn the wrap-around machine operations experience of ROBOTIA semi automation and ROBOTIA Sistemautomation as well as Prismatic TCA300.
Enrico Aureli, who is the Wrap Group Managing Director, explained that these days are not only an important opportunity for us to learn more about our products, but also a new approach to be transparent and publicly involving our clients and partners.
The collaborators and companies that cooperate with us know us very well, such as who we are and how we work as well as our facilities and our coworkers, because we have the common sense that mutual trust is the necessary foundation to establish a healthy and stable relationship with the market. That’s the reason that we are constantly increasing the opportunities to open the door of the Wrap Group facilities around the world as time goes by.
The doors of the Wrap machine Group in France are opened for clients who come from France to visit, and the exhibition Europack Lyon is opened for the rest of Europe to visit.
The main function of Genesis HS 50/2 ROBOTIA SISTEMI is to show the higher energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs as well as most importantly, more rational use of film at Drinktec 2013 in Munich.
There is no sliding electrical contact between the fixed and movable parts of the new Genesis machine, which is like all ROBOTIA SISTEMI rotary ring machines and has a direct benefit to labor efficiency and repair parts as well as maintenance costs. The risk of deposition of dirt on the ring of conductive material is eliminated as the elimination of traditional brushes. Due to the wireless of communication mode that are placed on the machine between the control panel and the management system, the efficiency is further recovered.

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