cost effective machine


Replacing the batteries with overcapacity is certainly the big news of this machine which is presented by DrinkWRAP. In this case, the direction of innovation is to enhance the performance and reduce the cost of the final customer. The use of supercapacitors can reduce the charging time, without years of efficiency loss and zeroing chemical pollutants as well as processing, recycling and energy saving related costs, for more than 15 years, charging time records, only 4 seconds.
Not last, the machine can be precisely applied at the point where it is served to achieve maximum efficiency in the use of the membrane, through the necessary stretching and containment to find more suitable solutions of load and palletization. According to the available across all the range of the now, this is one of the only solutions on the market that can combine ROBOTIA SISTEMI Cube technology with cost-effectiveness and total load stability.
In terms of quantity, this means not only saves between 30 percent and 55 percent of the film but also reduced the damage of products by 40 percent as well as nearly a half impact on the environmental and on the generation of wastes.
The Genesis HS 50/2 becomes the “Ferrari” in the industry with these features, which is a real investment in efficiency as well as performance ability to make a difference in business.
An intense program of convention and discussions, as well as visits focused on the theme of technological innovation, are completed by the Wrap Group during the second edition of Packology, from 11 to 14 June 2013, which is premises reserved for distributors and agents as well as the end service for clients.
The guests of the Wrap Group can come close to the production line, especially the technical laboratory, which is the core of the group’s innovation