Auto -Matic Technology

Due to the pioneering spirit, and 600 square meters of the booth in the Philippines di rimo, the guests of Wrap are able to reach the production line at a close range, except for the technology lab, which is the heart of the group’s innovation.

Robot Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

Therefore, the open days of ROBOTIA, ROBOTIA Sistemi, Dimac and Prismatic factories on the day of june12 are presented by distributors from around the world. Besides, the Auto -Matic Technology day is on the day of june13, which is full-time training dedicated to finding the Prasmatic solutions in the food and dairy markets, as well as Dimac solutions in the field of beverage.

The slogan of the Wrap group as well as all its brand is sustainable innovation driven by the value of the company, and the goal of the Wrap group is to always provide the most suitable solution and meet the needs of customers in packaging, in this way become a reliable cooperation partner of business growth.

This is a global culture through sharing with all our staff and agents from around the world.

On the trade fair in Russia, Upakovka is already number one in the industry of Wrapping and Processing machines and equipments. Upakovka highlighted its position in the Russian market from 24 to 27 January 2017, which indicated that the packaging industry and related processing industries had positive prospects in the future of the domestic economy.

The ergonomics, modularity, and flexibility, as well as extremely compact dimensions, are the major features attracted the attention of our visitors, which allow it to easy adapt to a broad range of layout needs. It is a machine that can complete different kinds of terminal packaging through a single solution