Upender on Rail: Motorized Coil Movement

If you don’t have the option of using the motorized Coil Upender to move along the rail, you can alternatively choose to use two pieces of universal wheels and two pieces of fixed wheels. The Coil Upender is designed to facilitate the movement of coils, and by utilizing the motor, it can be effortlessly transported along the rail. However, in cases where the motor is not available or not suitable for use, you can opt for the alternative method of using the universal and fixed wheels. This allows for easier maneuverability and relocation of the Coil Upender.

In situations where the motorized option is not feasible, the use of two pieces of universal wheels and two pieces of fixed wheels provides a practical solution for moving the Coil Upender. The universal wheels allow for increased mobility and flexibility, while the fixed wheels ensure stability and prevent unwanted movement. Together, these wheels enable smooth transportation of the Coil Upender, allowing you to easily position it wherever necessary.

By offering the choice between the motorized option and the alternative wheel configuration, the Coil Upender provides versatility and adaptability to meet different transportation needs. Whether you have access to a motor or not, you can confidently rely on the Coil Upender to assist you in efficiently moving coils along the rail. Upender
“Efficient Rail-mounted Motorized Coil Upender for Smooth Material Handling”
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