Heavy Panel and Board Upender: A 180-Degree Turnover Solution

Introducing the Pre-slab upender, a specialized machine designed to effortlessly flip heavy boards and panels to a 180-degree angle. This super-sized turning machine is equipped with two mechanisms that ensure a smooth and efficient flipping process.

The Pre-slab upender is exclusively built for handling heavy panels and boards, making it the ideal choice for various industries. With its powerful capabilities, it provides a reliable solution for flipping these materials, allowing for easy access and manipulation.

This innovative machine guarantees a 180-degree flip, ensuring that the boards and panels are completely turned over. Its advanced design and mechanisms allow for a precise and controlled flipping action, minimizing any potential damage to the materials.

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“Efficient Heavy Panel and Board Upender: Enhancing Workflow with 180° Pre-Slab Turnover”
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